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About Us

Sturdy Kids is a specialist web site offering clothes that fit the kids of today. For too long our bigger kids have been the forgotten few, having to make do with ill fitting clothes Here at Sturdy Kids we are dedicated to bringing you all that we can find in children's plus sized clothing.

To makelife easier for parents, we are pleased to offer a professional tailoring service for most of our items. This means that you can get the waist size that you need at the right leg length for your child. Our ranges will be growing all the time, so please Bookmark this site and come back soon.

We would welcome your comments so please feel free to Email us

Definition of "Sturdy"

Having or showing rugged physical strength.
Substantially made or built; stout: sturdy canvas.
Marked by resoluteness or determination; firm: sturdy resistance.
Vigorous or robust.

Hence our name, Sturdy Kids!



Sturdy Kids is part of the Universal Uniform Ltd, incorporating:






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