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What’s walk to school week? 

5 reasons why ‘walk to school week’ matters: 

  1. Helps improve physical health 
  2. Reduces air pollution (even if it's just for a short while) 
  3. Improve mental health and mood
  4. Increase focus 
  5. Fun way to spend time with family 

Have you ever heard of 'walk to school week'? 

Walk to school week is a 5-day challenge that takes place from the 19th to the 23rd of September and was founded to help children reach their exercise goals and reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. A time when we encourage our kids to ditch the car and walk, ride or scoot to school. Walking offers several advantages, ranging from physical to mental health.

This event is an excellent chance to emphasize the significance of regular exercise and the environmental benefits of walking to school.

What is 'walk to school week'?

Walk to school week is a national campaign aimed at encouraging kids and families to walk, bike, or scoot to school as often as possible. Whether you walk the whole way or simply use your legs for part of the journey, this initiative aims to promote the many benefits of walking and active transportation, from improved physical health and reduced air pollution, to lower stress levels and better academic performance.

For many kids, today, walking or biking to school feels like a distant memory – something that was common in our own childhoods but has since been replaced by car trips and bus rides. However, walk to school week is all about reminding us that getting outside and being active is important for our kids' health and that walking to school is a great way to make this happen!

kids walking to school

Why does walk to school week matter?

Here are 5 reasons why walking to school week matters:

1. Walking helps to improve physical health.

Walking is a great way to get exercise, and regular physical activity has been shown to have many benefits for overall health and well-being. It is a low-impact activity that has many benefits for kids' physical health, including improved fitness, stronger bones and muscles, and better coordination. In addition, walking can also help reduce stress levels and improve concentration – both of which are important for academic success.

2. Walking helps reduce air pollution.

In addition to the benefits for individual kids, walk to school week also helps promote active transportation as a whole. When more people walk or bike instead of driving, it helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in our communities, both of which have significant health impacts. This not only improves air quality but also helps protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and combating climate change.

3. Walking improves mental health and mood.

Studies have shown that walking can help reduce stress levels, improve mood, and even boost cognitive function and memory retention. Plus, being outside in nature has been linked to an increased sense of well-being and even reduced rates of depression.

4. Walking helps kids focus better in school.

In addition to the physical health benefits, 'walk to school week' can also help improve kids' academic performance by giving them a chance to be active and get some fresh air before entering the classroom. This can help boost concentration and increase productivity, leading to improved test scores and better overall academic performance.

5. It's a fun way for families to spend time together.

Walking to school is a great opportunity for kids and their parents or caregivers to spend time together outside, creating strong connections and fostering healthy relationships. This not only improves family dynamics but also gives kids a sense of responsibility as they learn to navigate their neighbourhood and community.

kids walking to school

So if you're looking for an opportunity to get your kids moving and help make a walk to school week a success, why not consider walking or biking with them on their next trip to school? Whether you walk the whole way or simply use your legs for part of the journey, walk-to-school week is sure to be fun and rewarding for everyone!

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