The summer holidays are a great time for kids to get out and about, try new kids' activities and have lots of fun. 

With our summer fun time activity collection, you can find entertaining hobbies for kids and things to do at home and on days out. It's brimming with suggestions for getting youngsters outside and active. 

There are plenty of hobbies for kids and activities that are perfect for keeping them entertained during the summer fun months. And the best part? They’re all free! 

These free kids' activities will help you and your kids avoid boredom while also engaging your children's creativity and motivating them to be intrigued by nature this summer!

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.sturdy kids summer girl playing on a tree in a dress

Seek some minibeasts in your garden!

Dozens of creepy crawlies can flourish in even the smallest of gardens! Encourage your children to go on a bug search to see what they can discover (make sure you supervise, we know that some kids like to eat bugs!). Ladybirds, ants, larvae, and butterflies can be found by looking into plant pots, turning over tree leaves, and peeking at the grass. Get a better look with a magnifying glass or bug pot, and then classify them!

You can assist small children in creating a simple chart to tally how many they discovered. Older kids should start a nature journal, recording their discoveries with elaborate drawings and captions.

Get crafty this summer! 

You can do all types of crafts, but the one we recommend most is painting! Take your watercolours, paints and crayons outside and be inspired by the colours, textures, sights, and natural sounds of nature. Your children can also collect organic elements to incorporate into their artwork:

  • Make a tree out of sticks.
  • Use dry leaves and petals as stampers then paint them and then press them onto a card to make a print.
  • Make a spontaneous collage or sculpture of a garden animal, such as a bumblebee or a grasshopper.
  • Make a pattern out of leaves, flowers, or pebbles.
  • Prepare mud paint by combining soil and water.

Try some yoga outdoors

Yoga is an excellent approach for children to exercise both their bodies and minds. It might be tranquil and restful, or it can make people feel energized. And it's even better outside!

Several positions are inspired by nature; try these:

Tree Pose

Stand up straight with your arms stretched above your head like trees. Raise one foot and place it against your other leg. S In the breeze, swaying lightly along with the breeze.

Butterfly Pose

Place your feet together on the ground. Lift your knees up and down gently, like butterflies flapping their wings.

Squirrel Pose

Stoop down and balance yourself with your hands. Hold the stance for a few seconds before leaping up and bouncing like a squirrel.

Bird Pose

Stand on one leg, bend forward, and extend the other leg behind you. Extend your arms outstretched, like a bird soaring over the sky.

Hedgehog Pose

Kneel with your bottom on your heels and your head on the ground. Rest your arms at your sides, like a resting hedgehog.

Encourage your family to create their own animal postures. There are also many yoga videos for youngsters available online.

Read outside

The simplest concepts of hobbies for kids are perhaps the most unforgettable. This project is a wonderful way to spend time with kids while turning books into reality.

Set up a cosy reading nook in the shade of trees or hedges with a blanket and several pillows. Select a story set in a woodland or garden and pretend you're a part of the scene; you can even use objects and toys to effectively tell the story. The calm air and rustling leaves create a tranquil background that is ideal for soothing excited children before bed.


Camp out in your garden

Without leaving your house, you can have the ideal summer fun by pitching a tent in your garden or sleeping out beneath the stars! It's an excellent method to spot nocturnal animals, such as moths, bats, and even a snuffly hedgehog.

Day outings do not have to include expensive admission prices and long lines. Instead, bring snacks and visit one of the UK's beautiful forests. They're exciting environmental playgrounds for children who like to explore, and you can customize your adventures to suit your family.


Visit a Woodland Trust (National Trust)

Summer is a perfect season to go for a walk in the woods. Our forests provide the ideal environment for a family day out, whether you choose a tranquil stroll and a lunch in the sun or an adventurous hike with fascinating wildlife encounters.


Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are enjoyable for people of all ages, and they help children improve their observation abilities. Make a list of things to look for before you go on your adventure. Consider your location and what might be present, like trees, flowers, materials, and colours.

Track wildlife

In the summer, the woods are alive with activity; trees and plants thrive, and animals take advantage of the summer heat and plentiful food. It's a great time to take the kids out for some wildlife watching. Look out for:

  • dragonflies darting above ponds and streams
  • pollinators flitting from flower to flower
  • a swarm of quick-moving ants travelling back and forth
  • reptiles soaking up the rays
  • swallows soaring over the sky
  • forming tree seeds — Autumn is still a huge way off, but if you look attentively, you could notice green acorns, thorny conker casings, and clusters of winged seeds sprouting.

Go foraging - pick your own blackberries

Blackberries thrive on bramble vines, which are common in wooded areas. They mature from late July to early August, making them a tasty summer treat. While investigating, keep a keen eye out for the glossy black berries. You may use them to make pies, jams, and smoothies - all of which are delicious! Blackberries are also an important food source for birds and mammals.

Compete in the forest Olympics

Encourage your family to participate in your own Woodland Games (f you’ve got a forest or a park nearby of course). It's a terrific method to get your heart rate up! Try the following events, or create your own:

  • Pine cone shot put - Find a spot in the woods away from other people, then toss a pine cone as far as you can and count the strides.
  • Gymnastics - Vault over a strong stump, twist on a wood beam and spring into a handstand against a tree trunk. Score each competitor's routine and give extra points for flare.
  • Triple joy jump - This is perfect for athletes who have an endless supply of energy. Embrace your inner woodland creature and leap like a jay, hop like a squirrel, and jump like a hare – the longest leap wins gold.
  • Sylvan slalom - Keep this until the grand finale. It's an exciting relay race that's excellent for getting together with other families. Dash through and out of a row of trees before rushing back to the initial line and passing the baton (of course, a stick) to the next runner. The winning team is the fastest.

Your overall champion will be honoured with a magnificent crown of leaves, which will be handed on a great tree stump platform.

Making summer fun doesn't have to be expensive. With a little imagination, you can have tremendous fun in kids' activities without spending a lot of money. With so many fun kids' activities to take part in, you're sure to create lasting memories. And, who knows, you may even find that your kids have a new-found love for nature! So get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

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