It's that time of the year again. Easter fun 2022 is just around the corner! School Easter holiday is fast approaching and for many parents, that means finding ways to keep kids entertained and spend some quality time with them while they are out of school as it is a great time for the kids to enjoy and have a well-earned break during the school Easter holiday.

If you're looking for some activities for kids near you, we've got you covered! From egg hunts to creative crafts, here are 10 Easter fun activities for kids to keep them busy and entertained this school Easter holiday.

1. National Trust Trails 

Get creative with your egg hunts this year by setting up trails around the house or garden. Hide eggs in different places and make a game out of finding them. You could even have a different trail for each day of the School Easter holiday weekend.

Your child will definitely enjoy and have a great time doing nature-inspired activities for kids on the trail. To receive a chocolate Rainforest Alliance egg, have them complete the route.

2. The Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt

The Lindt Gold Bunny search is back!

Have your kids wander around the palace gardens by using a trail map as a guideline to find the Bunny statues hidden there. Match the red ribbon on the bunny statues at each place to the name of a significant palace character on the route.

A wonderful story about that significant palace character will be told with each Bunny your child collects.

3. Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park 

Find the Magic Golden Egg and return it to its rightful place.

Mother Goose is concerned because she has misplaced the Magic Golden Egg. There would be no chocolate without it.

Take your kids to Marsh Farm so they may help her in reclaiming it from the mischievous Mr. Fox, who had taken it for himself.

The kids will then bring the Magic Golden Egg to the Bunny's Sister, where they must restore the Egg's magical properties that will be recreated with a little bit of dancing, singing, and giggling.

As a reward for their efforts, the Bunny will give the kids a piece of chocolate they deserve!

lindt chocolate bunny


Farms and Petting Zoos 

School Easter holiday is also a time when families can visit farms and petting zoos to enjoy several Easter fun activities for kids. Many of these places allow children to feed and hold the animals, making for a fun and memorable experience.

4. Animal Fun at Mead Open Farm

There is always something to see and awe at Mead Open Farm this April. A family Easter fun day out is very ideal since they provide numerous opportunities to get to know their animals, such as hand-feeding goats and sheep and pampering ponies.

New baby animals are born at Mead Open Farm all year long. Where there are always cute newborn animals to admire, from baby alpacas and calves to pygmy goats and piglets.

5. Amerton Farm, Staffordshire

Amerton Farm is a well-known countryside attraction in the UK that has been publicly available since 1984 and is regarded as one of the country's first farmland development operations.

They have a lot to offer, which is why it's a perfect Easter fun activity for kids and for the whole family especially if your kids love and enjoy animals.

Other Easter Day Out

There are also many places to go to make school Easter Holiday fun, not just farms and petting zoos. Museums, theme parks, and even shopping malls have something special planned for the Easter holiday season.

6. Cadbury World

Discover a world of delicious treats and have a fascinating, Easter fun day out! This is a great place to take your kids if they like chocolates since they can see and learn how their favorite confectioneries are made, play in simulated chocolate rain, and put their favorite treat in a delightful pot of warm melted Cadbury Dairy Milk.

7. Eggs-ellent Easter at Drayton Manor Park

Drayton Manor Resort is a great place to make precious memories with your kids. They include Europe's first Thomas Land, and a 4-star onsite hotel, as well as an amusement park with over 100 rides and attractions, including several family entertainment rides that your kids will surely enjoy.


cute easter bunny with a flower in its mouth


Easter Baking

Baking is another way to make Easter fun and tasty that can be enjoyed by kids and even by all ages. There are many themed recipes that can be made, from simple cookies to more complex cakes, during the school Easter holiday season.

8. Easter Bunny Lemon Cakes

These festive holiday cupcakes are perfect for creating with kids over the holidays or giving as a present to friends. Lemon frosting is used to top the citrusy lemon cake, which is garnished with marshmallows and shredded coconut. Yum!


easter cakes

At Home Easter Activities

When it comes to keeping the children entertained, sometimes activities for kids that can be done at home are just as fun as going out. 

Here are some activities for kids that can be enjoyed at home with friends or family members:

9. Easter Egg Decoration

A fun activity idea that the whole family can do together with the kids is egg decorating. To make things even easier, you may order kits online that include everything you'll need to decorate beautiful eggs to display in your house.

10. Easter Bonnets 

It's a lot of fun for the whole family to be creative in making personalized DIY paper bonnets. Make simple hats with bunny ears or paper flowers, or combine multiple creative ideas to create one epic Easter fun bonnet that will surely look great in a family photo.

colorful easter eggs

There are several ways to keep your children entertained during their break from school. It is a fun and festive school Easter holiday that can be celebrated in many different ways. There are a lot of activities for kids and even for people of all ages, so no one has to miss out on the fun. Whether you decide to go on an egg hunt, make cookies, or decorate eggs, there's sure to be an activity that everyone will love.

These ten activities for kids are a great site to start when looking for things to do this school Easter holiday. With something for everyone, these activities for kids are sure to provide hours of enjoyment and fun for children of all ages!