Knowing how to properly measure your child will help to ensure that you are getting clothes that they feel comfortable and confident in.  If you know that your child will require generous fit clothing, there are a few extra steps to measuring them properly. 

When measuring your kids for their generous fit school uniform and clothing, there are a few key measurements you will need to take as buying against their age often leads to incorrectly fitting clothes. Many parents find it difficult to know which size their child should be wearing, especially if they fall into the generous fit school uniform category. However, our Sturdy Kids™ guide on how to measure your child for clothes should make the process a lot smoother!


sturdy kids how to measure your child infographic

Measuring Your Child at Home

Measuring your child at home is often the preferred option by parents as it can be fairly easy and you won’t have the hassle of finding a professional to do it for you. 

Preparation is made easy because you don’t need a lot of things to take a child’s measurements. You just need a measuring tape, a notepad, and a pencil or pen ready before you start.

Waist Measurement

Larger children like to have their waistband in one of three positions: over their tummy, on their tummy (natural waistline), or under their tummy. To get the best fit, we suggest that you measure (wearing light clothing) ‘where they want their waistband to sit, rather than just their natural waistline (unless this is their preferred position), and buy according to this measurement.  Wrap the tape measure around your child’s chosen waist position, making sure the tape measure is comfortable and not tight, and record this measurement.

Inside Leg

The inside leg measurements are important when it comes to getting school trousers. Have your kids wear socks and shoes, and stand up straight with his/her legs slightly apart. Measure from the very top of the inside of the leg (the crotch) to where you want the trousers or shorts to finish.  The leg measurement will help you determine the length of the school trousers or shorts that will fit your plus-size child properly.

Skirt Length

To get the skirt length required, measure from the position that your child’s waistband will sit, (over, on, or under the tummy) to where you want the skirt to finish.  This is the length.

Chest Measurement

Get your children to stand straight and lift their arms up.  Measure around the fullest part of their chest, underneath their armpits.


Carefully wrap the measuring tape around their neck, so it is comfortable and not tight.  


Which measurements will I need?


Trousers/Shorts – Waist & Inside Leg

Skirts – Waist and skirt length

Shirts/blouses – Neck, Chest, and waist (make sure the shirt accommodates all measurements).

If you are unsure which size to buy, please feel free to call or email our friendly team at Sturdy Kids on 01242 285999 who will be delighted to help you.